Tai Chi

Jason teaches Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi and Qi Gong in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with classes across Nottinghamshire. From his experience of teaching over the last 10 years he endeavours to make Tai Chi and Qi Gong accessible to all no matter what the state of health or ability.

The overall aim is to ensure the many benefits of Tai Chi, which can include reduced stress, improvements in sleep, concentration and balance, increased flexibility, greater joint mobility and a general feeling of wellbeing can be experienced by as large a cross section of the population as possible.

Jason is an Advanced Instructor member of The Tai Chi Alliance and The Tai Chi Union of Great Britain (TCUGB) and has 12 years teaching experience. In 1998 he began studying Short Form Tai Chi. The following year Jason joined The Tai Chi Alliance and studied traditional Yang Style Tai Chi, incorporating Barehand, Push-hands and Sword-form, with the principal instructor, Shelagh Grandpierre with whom he continues to study to this day. As part of his development Jason has also attended a number of Seminars with Tai Chi Master Christopher Pei.

turtlelodeghealing.co.uk image: Jason teaching Tai Chi in Old Market Square, Nottingham
Jason teaching Tai Chi in Old Market Square, Nottingham

A Natural Change

The essence of Tai Chi came from observing nature – the leaves falling from the trees, water flowing around boulders in a mountain stream. Our bodies continually decay and regenerate; nothing is permanent within our body, our cells constantly die and renew. Tai Chi puts us in touch with this natural process of transformation and enables us to flow more easily through our ever-changing lives.

Due to the effects of Tai Chi, the Chi (energy) flows more strongly and fluently throughout the body thereby improving general health. This was demonstrated recently in the United States where doctors analysed 47 studies which looked at the impact of practising Tai Chi on people with chronic health problems. They found that Tai Chi could improve balance control, flexibility and the health of the heart which in turn reduced stress, falls, anxiety and joint pain. Tai Chi Chuan is a great spiritual practice for self-discovery, whilst also being excellent for all-round health and fitness.