Turtle Lodge
Turtle Lodge Healing


Over the last 10 years we have held over 100 sweat lodges at Bestwood Country Park with more than 500 people attending. Some people have attended regularly whilst others have just attended once.

Here are some of the comments from a handful of those people:


Along the path in stillness
smoke curling up behind the trees
a sanctuary in a clearing; welcoming me
met by friends from some other time
sweet smoke scented with pine
open-hearted souls gather here
to share ancient ritual and get clear

A thanksgiving at the altar; greeting the elements
receiving a blessing;
preparing to enter into the belly of the beast
buried past unearthed - time to release
So we crawl into the womb; darkness pitch-ore
sizzling rocks placed close by sparkle red-hot; our ancestors called
sweet rosemary, sage and lavender bundles dowse the rocks with water
aromatic steam soul soothing, breathing, nurturing

Searing heat burning skin
- too much! - break for the light of day
rain pours down my back washing away
old fears and hurts
it's time to let go
pose of a child by the fire
then returning for a deeper conversation;
wiser this time with towels covering delicate skin
chanting, breathing, going within

Becoming easier, kinder;
helped by blissful fragrance of herbs and honey
drizzled on rocks and tongues
inner hollow diminishing
time to finish; giving thanks
emerging renewed into the sunlight
kissing the ground and brought back down to earth
shrieks of joy with cold water bucket emptied overhead
time to break bread;
share a smile, glowing cheeks, hearts warmed, on the mend
see you again soon, old friend
Nell Brooker, Derbyshire

“I’ve only been once.  I felt welcomed from the start.  I was impressed by both the seriousness of the intent and the relaxed & supportive atmosphere.  Sweat lodges for me are a means of sitting in the middle of my own process, often in a completely non-verbal way.  They are ultimately very simple, though their reverberations can be profound.”

Richard Arkwright - Nottingham

"I've been doing sweat lodges consistently for the last 4 years. They've helped me to transform my life, as I move towards how i want my life to look. They've been a part of a deep cleansing process, a process of looking at myself, letting go and moving forward. I'm grateful and humbled by the experiences I've had, and for all the wonderful people I've met!"

Pete Anderson - Nottingham


“'Its hot hot hot & not for the faint hearted'.  A spiritual experience and a gathering of like minded people. 
A cleansing of your spirit on all levels.  Joining with the elements, and knowing that all is well.”

Toni Dring -  Leicester

"Having experienced many Sweat Lodges following the Native American format I attended one of Jason's Sweat Lodges following the Mayan Tradition.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend to anyone to give it a try.  It was a very cleansing experience."

Kathryn Libby – North Allerton


"Attending my first sweat lodge was a fantastic experience for me. Sweat Lodges were new to me and Jason's had been recommended to me. I found the experience of meeting Jason and his wife, Sarah and being part of the Sweat Lodge experience life changing. It's spiritual, physically freeing and for me provided a space to come home to the real me! A truly sacred experience. Thank You Jason."

Fay Hartwell – Mansfield Woodhouse