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Spiritual Healing  

Healing brings balance and cleansing to the very core of your being on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Through a combination of empathy and intent, the healer “attunes” to the healing energy in the universe and by directing this energy - usually through the hands – the healer seeks to replenish the depleted energy of the recipient.

You don't have to be "ill" or have a specific disease to receive healing - but many people are living and working in a state of profound imbalance - both emotionally and physically - that can frequently cause a wide range of problems. Healing is a powerful and effective therapy that can help to re-balance and revitalise the individual thereby often preventing disease.

Healing also helps people to move forward in their lives often removing conscious blocks giving way to a new clarity of thought and attitude.

For healing to work you do not need to be of any particular faith or belief – you just simply need to be open to receiving it.

Research by ‘The Prince of Wales Foundation For Integrated Health’ clearly shows healing brings relief from many conditions including; the healing of wounds, chronic conditions (e.g. arthritis), migraine or irritable bowel syndrome, as well as reducing the side effects of chemotherapy for people with cancer, contributing to pain relief, improving sleep patterns, reducing stress, tension and anxiety, giving emotional and spiritual support, helping relaxation and contributing to a sense of well-being.  


Cost of Treatment is £40 per 1 hour session

Jason practices above the The Health Food Store, 21 Plains Road, Mapperley, NG3 5LG.

Please Call 0115 9569603 or 07941 305587